Moreton Memories

From transparent night time kayaking to sand boarding in the Desert, Moreton Island has left me with some amazing memories that will last a lifetime. We started the journey on a ferry, which was exciting because it was my first time ever riding on a ferry. After arriving at the island at 10am, we boarded a sand- buggy style bus because there are no roads on this island. Our tour guide was Dorthea (Dory) and our bus driver was Daniel.

We spent the entire first day touring the island, which included stops at the Lighthouse, Champagne Pools, Honeymoon Bay, Harvey Cliff, and Blue Lagoon. We ate lunch at Honeymoon Bay. They told us the meat was dolphin, but I’m still not sure if they were pulling our leg or not. It was a good wrap regardless. At Harvey Cliff, Dory showed us how to paint our skin using red rock like the Aboriginals used to do. Our last stop before we checked into the hostel was Blue Lagoon, one of two freshwater lakes on the island. I can’t even describe how nice it was to swim in a fresh water lake again.

After checking-in and eating a delicious steak and potato supper, we loaded the bus and headed to the shipwreck. These old ruins were placed here to reduce the high currents for smaller boats parked along the shore. Many fish have made this environment their home. We were meant to go night time kayaking; however, after checking the current, Dory and Daniel decided that is wasn’t safe enough to try. The kayaks were transparent with a rope of lights wrapped around the edge.


The following morning, we headed back to the shipwreck to snorkel and kayak. Although it probably wasn’t as cool as kayaking at night, I still enjoyed being able to look down between my legs to see the reefs and fish below me. Snorkeling was even better. Dory brought bread with to feed the fish, so we were swimming with hundreds of fish all around us.


We relaxed on the beach for another hour, and enjoyed wraps again for lunch before heading to the desert. Sand boards are literally just a flexible wooden board that you slick up using candle wax. The most common, and safest, way to do this is by lying on your stomach, holding the front of the board up in the air. Myself and five others made a pyramid by having three boards next to each other and stacking people on top. The pyramid was a success!

We all survived these adventures with only one person slightly injured. During the last run of sand boarding, Jonathan tried to jump over Tabitha, Megan, and I and kicked Tabitha in the head. (She’s doing much better with no signs of a concussion) Our last stop was back at the beach to wash off all the sand. We boarded the ferry and said our goodbyes to Moreton Island.



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