Vacation or Uni?

My mum may not believe this with all the fun adventures I’ve told her about, but I actually do my course work every week. I am lucky enough to be studying abroad for my last semester of college, but I still need to graduate. Since all of my major requirements have been completed, I was searching for something fun when I signed up for classes. What I came up with is Outdoor Environmental Studies (OES 104). I highly recommend this course if you enjoy outdoor adventures!

For our first field trip, we spent the day in Caloundra paddling (aka kayaking) with a partner. Little did I know, this was a warm-up for what was to come. We just got back from a field trip where we paddled 13 miles up the Noosa River, camped for the night, and then paddled back the next morning! As I laid in my tent, more sore than I’ve ever been, I thought to myself “I’m never paddling again!” It was definitely a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. Much better than sitting in a two-hour lecture (like I am right now), that’s for sure. Because Glyn (our professor) is awesome, we stopped by the bakery on the way back to campus for a quick treat.



If this class or similar classes don’t work with your schedule, no worries. There are many clubs at USC that offer other fun activities such as rock climbing as I am doing in the featured image. Club Activate is a mere $20 to become a member for the semester, and you sign up for trips as the semester progresses. Most of the trips are only $9, which covers transportation and equipment. I had never rock climbed on actual rock until I came to Australia. This is quickly becoming another one of my favourite hobbies.

If you plan on studing abroad at USC, it might be helpful to know that 3 assessments make up your final grade at this university. With fewer assessments and only having class 3 days a week, I have plenty of time to travel! Take this as an opportunity to meet new people, especially from other countries. You won’t regret it, and you’ll have friends to visit if you decide to travel more later in life.


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