Brisbane Bound

North Dakota nice goes a long way when you are trying to make new friends. As I waited for my first class to start, I introduced myself to two girls from New Jersey. Allison and Nicole are both studying in North Carolina, which is where I am hoping to move after graduation. In just 10 short minutes, I had made plans to join those girls as well as 6 others on an adventure to Brisbane that coming weekend!

We left immediately after class on Friday on a bus to Landsborough station, and then hopped on a train that took us south to Brisbane. This was my first time ever on a train, so I was pretty excited! Unfortunately when we were about 20 minutes away from our stop, our train had to be terminated due to some police activity at the next stop. Caroline took over the situation immediately and had an Uber waiting for us within minutes.

IMG_5076Pictured: Lauren and I crossing the Brisbane River on bicycles.

After checking in to the hostel, we spent the evening shopping at the Queens Street mall. On the walk there, we passed by an.. interesting group of guys at a pub called “The Flying Cock”. Two of them were dressed as women; whom I assumed to be the waiters of the unusual restaurant. Turns out that these two guys were the soon-to-be groom and best man of a bachelor party. My friend Cora was amused by this group, so she wrote her number on the best man’s back not knowing what fun it would later bring us. By the end of the day we were all exhausted! We enjoyed a relaxed night filled with hamburgers, ice cream sandwiches, and story time.

Saturday morning I had to air dry after showering because I wasn’t smart enough to pack a towel. Frida, Lauren, and I chose to cycle to the Farmer’s market, instead of riding the bus. I absolutely loved riding bike through the hills of Brisbane! Next, we went to the South Bank Parklands where we took many touristy pictures and rode the City Hopper ferry up and down the river for free! While I was on the ferry with Frida, we saw a fancy restaurant on the river that we ended up going to for supper. The food was absolutely fantastic and the view was even better!

FullSizeRender 2Picture of the Story Bridge.

On the walk back to The Valley, one of the girls spotted a mechanical bull through the window of a country bar called Johnny Ringo’s. Of course they all wanted to give that a whirl! We stayed later for karaoke night, and then continued on our way around 11pm. Turns out the bachelor party that we had met the night before had rented out a VIP room at a club near our hostel. We were all invited to join them and received free booze for the rest of the night. Many of the guys were Italian and amazing at dancing, which made for an incredible night!

IMG_5097Pictured: Frida, the soon-to-be groom, Cora, Allison, and myself.

Cora’s advice for the weekend was, “When someone asks you to write your number on their back, you do it! Worst case scenario, nothing happens. Best case scenario, you end up at a VIP Bachelor party drinking free booze with a group of great guys!”



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