Feeling at Home

Sunday was, by far, the best day that I’ve had yet. I woke up bright and early and went for a run back behind the housing complex. The path wound through an Environmental Wetland filled with many different species of birds.

They were all so beautiful, but the most spectacular bird that crossed my path was the Rainbow Lorikeet. The Rainbow Lorikeet is a species of parrot found in Australia. It is common along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to South Australia and Tasmania. I’ve never seen a parrot in real life before. They are truly extraordinary. IMG_0235

Besides all of the birds, there were also dogs playing fetch with their owners. One of the dogs looked like my older brother’s black lab/mastiff, Bear. I was already starting to feel more at home.

I returned home after about an hour and made myself breakfast. After I finished eating, my landline phone began to ring! It was my sister, Amanda. She put me on speaker phone so that my grandparents, parents, and brother could chat with me too. Familiar voices are so comforting in an unfamiliar area.

I packed a lunch and a beach bag and headed to the Sunshine Plaza to activate my SIM card. I was finally able to Snapchat my friends from back home! I walked to Maroochydore Beach and watched locals surf and read for a couple of hours. The ocean was such a spectacular shade of blue. I fell in love with it immediately.

I made grandma’s famous hamburger hotdish for supper that night and had cookies and cream ice cream for dessert. Everything about this day made me more comfortable, and I was finally starting to feel at home.




One thought on “Feeling at Home

  1. Love that you made it there ok and are settling in! Knew you would love it!

    We loved listening to the Kookaburra (sp?) Bird calling (?) each morning. We were staying with friends in the country side outside Coffs Harbour, NSW, so not sure if they will be in your area. They are a hoot! The wild life there is sooo different. We had Koalas in the trees and Wallaby’s running around the house.

    Love reading your blogs, immerse your self in your surrounding and enjoy!!! You will make lifetime friends that are sure to come visit you when you get home! Auzzies are great world travelers.


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