Now What

The first day was by far the hardest for me. I have flown before so getting from gate to gate in each airport wasn’t too challenging. It was when I arrived at the final airport, where I stood in the airport lobby and thought to myself, “Now what..?”.

I wandered around aimlessly hoping someone would have my name on their sign… they didn’t. Since I’m a woman, I asked a volunteer for assistance. He kindly directed me outside where I waited 30 min. for the next shuttle to arrive.

We stopped at Aussie World and switched into smaller shuttles. The driver dropped me off at UniCentral’s front gate where I struggled trying to ring the office. The women in the office brought me straight to my room, so that I could shower (finally after 2 days!) and unpack.

I had planned to exchange my money, get a SIM card, buy bedding, AND go grocery shopping all in the first day. Without a clue where to go to do all of these things, I went back to the office to ask for a map. The lady in the office kindly explained where the bus station was, what bus to take, where I could buy groceries/ liquor, etc. All very helpful information, but also extremely overwhelming.

My #1 priority was to let my parents know that I had arrived safely. Since I hadn’t set up my internet yet or bought a SIM card, I used the landline in my room to dial internationally. I can’t tell you how good it felt to hear my mom’s familiar voice.

Finally, I made my way to campus to eat lunch. After I finished eating, I waited at the station for a bus to Maroochydore Station where the Sunshine Plaza is located. I attempted to get a new SIM card for my phone at Optus, but they needed to see my passport. (I didn’t have it with, so I went back two days later to activate my phone). I exchanged my money and bought bedding at Kmart before heading back to the Uni.

After a long day of traveling and shopping, I was exhausted. I put my new bedding on and fell asleep within seconds.


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