Smooth Flying

Well it’s departure day, and I have currently been in an airport or on a plane for 15 hours and have approximately 15 hours to go until Brisbane, Australia. Luckily, my family of six and grandparents were able to accompany me for one last breakfast in Fargo, ND before I left. We had time to waste after breakfast, so we stopped by the mall. After arriving at the airport and checking my bag, we stopped at the bar to have a cold beer before we said our good byes.

Airports are constantly making adjustments to flight times and departure gates, so I had to move to a different gate. When they finally started boarding the plane, I realized my ticket didn’t even have a seat number listed! In a panic, I asked the man behind the podium where I would be sitting; only to find out that the flight had been overbooked. Luckily enough, a woman didn’t show up for the flight, so I had a seat on the plane. I had a bit of a rocky start, but I wasn’t discouraged. It was smooth flying from Fargo to Denver where I had lunch, and then I was off to Los Angeles.

If you’ve never been to the LAX airport, it is quite large. It took me a shuttle bus and roughly an hour to find the correct terminal and gate that I would be departing from. I highly suggest printing out a map of the larger airports before you leave, and never hesitate to ask employees for directions.

I still had three more hours until departure, so I found a restaurant to eat supper and have a drink. I asked a woman, who looked to be roughly my age, if I could sit next to her at the bar only to find out that she was headed to Australia as well. After we started talking, the guy on the other side of me piped in and mentioned that he was from Australia. We conversed throughout supper, and it made me even more excited to arrive in Australia. I just wanted to get on the plane as soon as possible! After a brief half hour delay, we began to board and I headed down under.


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